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Studying various celestial bodies such as stars, planets and galaxies, astronomers are responsible for a wide variety of scientific research involving space. Quite possibly the oldest form of science, most historians believe that the discipline began as early man looked to the heavens and began making visual discoveries of the universe. Today, astronomers utilize some of the most advanced technological equipment ever created, most notably highly-developed telescopes. Throughout history, astronomers themselves have been both revered and targeted by society as amazing thinkers and threats to society. Figures such as Galileo Galilei stood against Church doctrine and declared that the Earth revolved around the Sun, changing the place of man in the universe forever.

Utilizing the vast array of articles within the Bright Hub catalog, this guide will help any reader identify and locate facts and details about astronomers throughout history, their work and the development of modern science. As our fundamental understanding of the objects in space continues to grow and the search for life beyond our own atmosphere marches on, the resources available here will provide access to a wealth of information for the beginning to advanced astronomer.

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Galileo. (Supplied by Aushulz at Wikimedia Commons; Public Domain;

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