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Green New Years Resolutions

written by: Niki Fears•edited by: Niki Fears•updated: 6/27/2011

Some simple tips to help you resolve to have a greener new year.

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    You have probably learned a lot about the fragile state of our environment and the many threats that changing our world, destroying habitats, increasing pollution and weakening human health while driving many species to extinction and you have decided that this coming new year will be the year that you resolve to live a greener lifestyle and to make a greater effort towards preserving our planet and helping to reduce the damage that we are doing. Here are some great suggestions for your new, green year resolutions.

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    Vow to Recycle:

    Too many people have gotten into the old, and bad, habit of simply tossing their waste into the trashcan and shipping it off to the landfill; however, many of the items that we use every day could be recycled such as newspapers and magazines, cans, and many plastics. Recycling will not only reduce the amount of waste in landfills but it will also cut back on the number of resources that are being used to gather the raw materials for creating new products since companies can, instead, use the recycled materials to create new products.

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    Become an Informed and Greener Consumer

    Companies produce goods, regardless of their impact on the world around us as long as consumers continue to blindly purchase whatever they make. However, by taking control of your power as a consumer and buying greener products you can show these industries that their practices are no longer acceptable and that smarter, greener shoppers demand more environmentally friendly goods. Buy products made from recycled or renewable products, look for organic food, and start reading labels to find out just where the items you are buying came from and what the real price of making that item was. Stop doing business with the giants that destroy the rainforest, pollute our air and water, and are killing endangered species and habitats all around the world. Such practices will only continue as long as these companies are fed the almighty dollar, but by taking that away from them and supporting greener companies you encourage the green industry to grow and open up ways for even more consumer goods to be available using environmentally friendly methods.

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    Spread the Word and Get Involved:

    Let the world know how important the environment is to you by spreading the word and getting involved with groups or activities that are working to make a difference. You can do this in very simple ways, such as adding banners to your MySpace profile or blog that link to organizations that working to address these issues such as Greenpeace or Oceana. You can also find simple ways to get involved through tabling events, beach clean ups, recycling drives, and other simple activities that can have a big impact. And if you happen to have a flare for public speaking, look for opportunities to volunteer and tell others about the environmental issues that are important to you

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    Be Active in the Political Process:

    One of the most important things you can do to help guide the policies regarding our environment is not only to vote for green candidates, but to write letters and sign petitions to let your voice be heard. Many activists sites on the internet, such as Greenpeace, Care2, and Oceana provide simple and easy ways for you to get involved right from you own computer. Making your voice heard and putting pressure on our leaders is an important step in curbing the government's war on the natural world.

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