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Five Ways to Kill Moths Naturally

written by: Lextsy•edited by: Laurie Patsalides•updated: 6/9/2010

Discover unique and interesting ways to naturally kill moths without the harmful use of toxic pesticides.

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    Ways to Kill Moths Naturally

    Want to know ways of killing moths naturally without harmful pesticides? There are some useful tips with items you would have never thought of. Some are universal approaches, while a few are specific to certain types of moths. What are some ways to get rid of them naturally?

    1) Cucumbers

    Cucumbers are one example of natural pest control when it comes to moths. In addition to moths, cucumbers are helpful in ridding ants, mites, wasps, and other insects. The more bitter the cucumber, or cucumber peels, the better. It's an effective way of killing moths and other pests naturally without buying repellent sprays, which may leave toxic chemicals in gardens, sheds, or homes.

    2) Water Trap

    Water traps are a tricky, but natural way to kill moths. Make a water trap by filling a container with water and suspend a night light over it. Moths will be attracted to the light and will wind up diving into the water and dying. It's a good idea to add dish soap in order to ease the surface tension of the water moths are crashing into.

    3) Humidifier for Clothes Moths

    An effective way to deter clothes moths is to control the humidity in a house throughout all of the rooms. Clothes moths are most comfortable at a humidity of 70 or 80 percent, so strategically place a humidifier on an extra dry setting where clothes are stored.

    4) Vacuuming and Cleaning Indian Meal Moths

    Two natural ways to surely get rid of meal moths - also known as Indian meal moths - in pantries is to vacuum and thoroughly clean cabinets. These moths are what you may frequently encounter when indoors. It comes down to cleanliness with these types of moths.

    Take food and other items out of pantries and cabinets. Begin clearing out any food and dust particles. Wash cabinets and storage places well with soap and water after vacuuming the empty spaces. Moths thrive in damp, dark places and the only sure way to kill them naturally is to clean and vacuum them out.

    5) Natural Moth Killers the Best

    While there are no real natural products in killing moths other than moth traps, moth poison, and moth balls, the best route is killing them through environmentally friendly ways. Most moth control substances contain poisons. Moth balls have a toxic poison that carries over to humans therefore, producing health problems.

    Tips given here for ways in killing moths naturally are environmentally approved and are good for humans, as well. These methods are not only useful, but affordable as well. Moths are a pest, but it does not have to be difficult getting rid of them.


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