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Ideas to Reuse a 3 Ring Binder Notebook

written by: Julia Bodeeb•edited by: Sarah Malburg•updated: 1/14/2010

There are many projects for 3 ring binder reuse. Be creative, there are endless uses for old notebooks! There are many things you can do with one. From making a bird feeder to organizing accessories in a closet, the ways to reuse a 3 ring binder are endless!

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    Most homes have a few notebooks tucked away in closets. There are a myriad of ideas for 3 ring binder reuse. Kids get bored and want a new binder for the school year so gradually the closet contains even more binders in need of a new use. Old notebooks may be put to use to create an item for the whole family to use.

    Accessory Holder

    To make an accessory holder to use in a closet, cut off the front and back covers of the binder and leave just the strip that holds the rings. This strip that holds the 3 rings may be attached to a rod in a closet with a staple gun, tape, or small nails. The rings may then be used to hold ties, belts, scarves, necklaces or other accessories.

    Pine Cone Holder Bird Feeder

    Use the center strip of the binder that holds the 3 rings to hang pine cones from a tree branch. Nail the strip to the branch of a tree. Then roll pine cones in suet or peanut butter and then roll them in bird seed. Attach a ribbon or wire to the pine cone and then attach it to the rings of the binder strip. The three pine cones hanging below the rings will feed the birds and they will look cute too.

    Family Tree Book

    Fill the 3-ring binder notebook with white paper or scrapbook paper. Then do research about the family tree. Speak to family elders and get names of relatives from previous generations. Then either write or type up the information and fill the pages with sheets about each family member. Also create a family tree on the computer or draw it by hand

    Family Cook Book

    Talk to relatives to collect family recipes. Help preserve the culinary history of the family while relatives are still available to share the recipes. Fill the binder book with plastic pockets. Then type out the recipes or ask the relative to hand write them neatly. Break the recipes down into sections like main courses, desserts and so on to organize the book.

    Household Décor Holder

    Use the strip that holds the rings to hang decorations in the window or in a high ceiling archway. Paint the strip that holds the rings the same color as the wall in the area where it will be attached. Then staple it or nail it to the wall. Use the rings to hold décor items like decorative glass balls, a stained-glass wall hanging, or attach ribbons to the rings and tie them to items such as jingle bells, crystal drops, chimes, sea shells or other decorative items.

    Family Book of Mementos

    Fill a 3-ring binder notebook with stiff poster board paper or scrapbook paper and then use it to organize family mementos. Most homes have a few drawers full of postcards, airplane ticket stubs, letters from relatives and other family mementos. Attach them to the paper with glue or tape. If the item is very precious use a color copy of the item in the book and frame the original.

    Book of Dreams

    Start a book of dreams about upcoming family vacations or experiences the family wants to have in the future. Use scrapbook paper to hold articles and pictures about vacation spots of interest. Also make a list of things to do in a certain vacation spot. Do research online to create lists of information about the specific vacation destination of interest.

    Another item for the book of dreams could be a list of project ideas that the family will participate in as a team. Ideas could include planting a garden, doing a community cleanup project, etc.

    Create a Personal History Book for a Child

    Use an old 3-ring binder notebook to make a book about a child’s life. Collect items that relate to the child's first year of life and that have value to the child. Use scrapbook paper for the pages and attach newspaper clippings, photos, mementos, letters from relatives to the child, and other items the child might find interesting later in life.

    So, reuse old notebooks; don't just throw them away. Find projects for 3 ring binder reuse and create something new out of an unwanted item.

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