Tips for finding and using Green Office Furnishings
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Finding Green Office Furnishings

written by: Darlene Zagata•edited by: Niki Fears•updated: 6/28/2011

Finding green office furnishings isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. Although there are specialty stores to fit your needs, you can find green office furnishings in many common locations.

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    What to Look for In Green Furniture

    When looking for green furnishings, select items that were made from recycled materials which helps to prevent the waste of valuable resources. It is also important to look for furniture that was made using non-toxic dyes and recycled fabrics. Try to avoid items with foam stuffing such as those used for seating because the foam material can contain harmful toxins. Purchasing furnishings made by eco-friendly manufacturers is also another important way to make environmentally friendly choices when shopping for green office furniture. Look for the Green Guard seal on furniture.

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    Buy Used

    When you buy used furniture you are not only recycling but you are keeping more trash of the landfield and you don't add to the waste of more resources. Shop second-hand stores, auctions and even yard sales. You can often find items such as desks, computer chairs, file cabinets and more.

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    Reclaimed Wood

    Purchase items made from reclaimed wood. When trees are harvested for the production of items made from wood, the planet suffers. Deforestation contributes to a loss of habitat for many animals and birds. Reclaimed wood is a much better choice because it comes from scraps, old furniture and houses. Bamboo is also a good choice. It is a fast growing resource and a very popular way to go green in both your home and office. Wood isn't the only resource that can be recycled. Choose items made other recyclable material such as metal and plastic as well.

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    Go Green with Greenery

    Don't forget the plants. If you have decided to green your office with eco-friendly furniture, you will want to add a plant or two to really get green. Although artificial plants look nice and don't require any maintenance, they don't offer the benefits of the real thing. Adding live plants to your office space can improve the quality of indoor air by filtering out toxins and providing you with cleaner air. They also make your space more attractive.

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    Where to Shop

    Check with local furniture stores in your area to see if they stock items made by eco-friendly manufacturers. Check the local directory for suppliers of green furnishings. Listed below are a few good online sources for eco-friendly office furnishings.

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