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The Best Touchscreen Digital Photo Frames

written by: Misty Faucheux•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 8/25/2010

Since it's getting close to the holidays, it may be best to start discussing potential gifts. And, the digital photo frames with touchscreen features make wonderful presents. Learn about the best touchscreen digital photo frames today!

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    What Do You Want in a Photo Frame?

    Digital photo frames with touchscreen make great gifts for family members since pictures can be uploaded and changed as needed. But, what makes the best touchscreen digital photo frames? Well, it’s a lot more complicated than just looking pretty.

    The first thing that you want to consider when purchasing a touchscreen digital photo frame is what features you need or want. If you are one that likes to change pictures often, then you need to purchase a photo frame that easily allows you to transfer photos between your computer and the photo frame.

    What this means is that you need one that has USB ports. These are the standard ports on all computers, and it will make the entire process easier.

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    More Buying Tips

    Second, look for one with a relatively large screen. The screen should be at least eight inches as this will help better show off the photographs. Also, look for one that has a variety of photo templates, which allows you to manipulate and change out how the photos play and look.

    If you want to have the photo frame fit your décor, then you should look for one with neutral colors like silver, black or cream. Also, think about getting one that has memory card slots and large memory storage as this will allow you to store a lot of pictures on your digital photo frame.

    Finally, invest in one that does more than just play photos. While this is great, your machine should be able to multitask. Some come with alarm clocks, built-in speakers and the ability to play music and videos. The extras will be worth a small additional cost.

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    Transcend Digital Photo Frame

    Transcend Now, it’s time for the recommendations. First up is the Transcend 2GB Digital Photo Frame (about $110 online). You have the choice of black or white when it comes to frames, and it features an eight inch screen. Its 2GB memory will allow you to store more pictures than many others.

    Other features include a USB port, built-in stereos and a headphone jack. You can also listen to your MP3s or favorite FM station on this digital photo frame.

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    Next up is the Pandigital Pan Touch 8-inch Digital Picture Frame (between $105 and $170 online). What sets this touchscreen digital photo frame apart from others is the sleek-looking black wooden frame, which makes it look more like a real photo frame. It comes with 1GB of memory, and it has a built-in card reader for seamless transfer of photos.

    Other features include the ability to play AVI videos and MP3s. It also comes with its own remote control, USB cable and AC adapter.

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    The final one is the most expensive of the bunch (between $150 and $200) online, but it also has a lot of nice features. The MeeFrame 8-Inch Touch Screen WiFi Digital Photo Frame allows users to connect to the Internet using wireless Internet. You can email photos directly to the frame for automatic upload, and it has 1GB of memory.

    Other features include being an alarm clock, and it can also be programmed to give three-day weather forecasts. It can also be used to play music, Internet radio or the news.