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Sample Writing Prompts for High School Students: Future Dreams & Aspirations

written by: Julia Bodeeb•edited by: SForsyth•updated: 2/6/2013

Help students explore their thoughts about the future and their dreams via journal writing. This article contains sample writing prompts for students.

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    Build Writing Skills

    Students enjoy “Do Now" activities or writing assignments that relate to journal writing. Spending time with their journal gives them a tiny break from the stress of the school day, and yet they are still learning valuable writing skills. Free writing “Do Now" assignment or assigned topics give students practice with writing on command or picking their own topic, and decision making.

    Fun “Do Now" Writing Prompts

    My dream career is….

    My dream vacation is….

    My dream day to myself is….

    My dream spouse is….

    My dream summer job is…

    I am motivated by...

    My dream G.P.A. is…..

    The best book I have read it……

    An adventure I would like to have is….

    I make my best decisions when...

    The world will change a lot in the next five years….

    My funniest moment was….

    The best day in my life was…..

    The one place I must visit is….

    My life plan includes...

    If I could change my name it would be…..

    The season I am happiest in is…..

    The reason I am special is…….

    The first thing I will do on vacation is…..

    I want to go to college in the city / country because …..

    I want to change the world by…..

    My best friend is fun because….

    I like to play sports because….

    I like to play a musical instrument because….

    I like to write because….

    Writing Assignments

    More in-depth journal writing assignments require students to ponder their lives and their goals and dreams. High school students are typically so frantically busy with academic work, activities, and after school jobs, that they may not take enough time to ponder their lives and their dreams for the future. Thus assigning a 3 paragraph journal entry to write about the following topics may be quite helpful to students.

    Do my dreams include having a family?

    Will I care more about money or creativity in life?

    Five goals for the college years…

    Five goals for my life after high school…..

    Will the career I want to pursue support the type of life I want to have…

    Do I want to travel the world before I marry…

    Is it my goal to relocate to a new area after my education…

    What type of area will I live in as an adult city or country…

    What brings me joy in life…

    Is volunteer work important…

    How can I prevent peer pressure from causing me to make mistakes…

    How will I fund college…

    Is dating a good idea now…

    Who am I…what do I want in life…

    Students like to explore their identity and their goals.They get very focused when given a writing assignment about their dreams for their life.Thus self-focused writing assignments teach students to settle into the writing task, stay focused, and really think before writing out their ideas.

    To assess these writing activities, circulate the room after students have been writing for a while. Look to see that they have been working. Also announce that if anyone would like to share their journal entry with the class they are welcome to.

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