Stop Missing Birthdays With These Free Birthday Database Software And Websites
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The Best Free Birthday Database Software Programs and Websites

written by: •edited by: Christian Cawley•updated: 3/5/2017

You have a nagging feeling that you've forgotten something. You disregard it until the following day when your mother calls to ask if she missed your call the day before wishing her a happy birthday! Never let this happen again by using one of these birthday database software programs or sites.

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    Forgetting someone's birthday does not make you a horrible person. It simply means you are busy, distracted and, well, an average human being. Failing to remember to send a card or birthday gift to a friend or loved one can make you feel especially rotten, though, which is the reason this list has been compiled. Following are ten free reminder services. Some of them are in the form of birthday database software programs you can download to your desktop, while others are online services that store the database for you and send you prompt and timely reminders.

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    Birthday Reminders

    The aptly named is a free service that will store all of your important birthday information online and send you a reminder via email or cell phone. Enter your information to start a free membership, enter birthdays and other important dates such as anniversaries or appointments into the database and then sit back and wait. You can request that reminders be sent to your email address or as an SMS to your cell number. Not only will you receive reminders in enough time to pop a card into the mail, but the site also provides tailored suggestions for cards and gifts.

    Birthday Reminders 

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    Birthday Alert

    Birthday Alert 

    If you prefer birthday database software that you can download to your computer over a web-based program, check out Birthday Alert. This software is quick and easy to download. While the website states that the software is supported on Windows XP and earlier, there were no problems using it on Windows 7 during testing for this list. The database is basic and very simple to learn. To add an entry, simply click the New Entry button. Type in a name and date, select whether it is a birthday or anniversary and click Save. The program will run each time you start your computer and remind you of upcoming birthdays.

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    Birthday Reminder 3

    Birthday Reminder 3 

    Another birthday database program you can download, Birthday Reminder 3 can run on any operating system and is available in several languages. You can choose your date format and configure the reminder time span. The software will then remind you of birthdays and events within that range.

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    BT Reminder Buddy

    BT Reminder Buddy 

    Everybody needs a buddy, and BT Reminder Buddy is one that will keep you up-to-date on birthdays, anniversaries, appointments and more. It is quick and easy to install and works with Windows 7 and earlier. The toolbar menus are concise and intuitive, and the input interface is simple to grasp. Choose from one-time reminders or get them daily, weekly, monthly or annually. The reminders are provided as pop-ups. You can even set custom colors for different reminders.

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    Birthdays and Anniversaries Reminder


    The final entry in this list of free birthday database software is called BAR (Birthdays and Anniversaries Reminder). After a quick installation, open up the database, click the Add button and type in the details. Along with basic information, such as the person's name and birthdate, you can also enter an email address, telephone number and comments, which can all be very helpful if you want to call and say, "Happy birthday" or add a note about the person's favorite color so you can make them the perfect homemade birthday card.

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