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Solutions to Microsoft Outlook Connector Issues

written by: Donna Buenaventura•edited by: Christian Cawley•updated: 5/20/2011

Using Microsoft Outlook Hotmail or Social Connector helps in retrieving messages from contacts. If you are experiencing Outlook connector issue, this article should help you fix the problem in no time.

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    Free Microsoft Outlook Connector

    Outlook connector, the free add-in for Microsoft Outlook was renamed to Outlook Hotmail connector. Another Outlook connector to enjoy is the Outlook social connector. Both programs can be downloaded as standalone installer or as bundled installer of Outlook connector pack which is part of Windows Live Essentials. Both add-in for Outlook allows you to sync Windows Live Hotmail, calendar and contacts to Outlook program. The Outlook social connector is to receive updates and profile information of contacts from Messenger, MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn.

    Some people who used the free add-ins are receiving Outlook connector issue but most of these problems are known already. Below are the solutions or work-around to solve Outlook connector problems.

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    Outlook Connector Error Codes

    Outlook Connector Issue: Error code 4202 Error 1133, 4202, 4203, 4304, 4350, 4401 and 4403 are the most common error codes that was reported to Microsoft when using Outlook connector add-ins. The solution for these error codes are as follows:

    • Error 1133 with error message “Error synchronizing message" followed by dialogue box that says “Cannot synchronize Outlook to Windows Live Hotmail account". Solution: Re-download missing mail items by signing-in to your Windows Live Mail account using a browser. Compare your contents of inbox items in Outlook and on the web and then mark the missing item as unread.
    • Error 4202 with error message “There is an error synchronizing your mail account. Please verify your account is configured correctly by first accessing your mail on the web. Error: (Error Code)." Solution: Select the Inbox folder of Outlook connector account in Outlook. Click Junk menu in the ribbon’s home tab and Junk E-mail Options. Delete addresses that contains # ! $ % * / ? ^ ` { | } ~ _ characters. Send and receive email or hit F9 key on the keyboard to sync this junk email list to the server.
    • Error 4203 and 4350 with the same error message as error 4202. Solution: Review the block and safe sender lists in Outlook. Make sure that no **unblockable and **unallowable domains or address is listed.
    • Error 4304: Solution: Hotmail only allows 500 addresses in each list – remove some addresses from any list totaling over 500 entries.
    • Error 4401: Solution: Check to see if an address is listed twice in either the blocked or safe sender lists via Junk Mail options in Outlook.
    • Error 4403 with error message “Error Synchronizing Message." Solution: An address you have removed from your junk list does not exist on the server. This error should go away after five syncs.

    ** Hotmail or Windows Live Mail does not allow blocking or unblocking some domains and addresses. See the complete list of these items later in this article.

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    Error with Send/Receive when Using Outlook Connector

    Other known Microsoft Office Outlook connector error is when you receive an error message, “Task ‘<Hotmail account>’ reported error (0x8004102A): ‘Error with Send/Receive’."

    The solution is to first determine which of the folder is not found during synchronization and then determine if this particular folder has the most current items. You should do this by comparing the folders on the web and Outlook. Copy the folder and enter a temporary name. Allow Outlook connector to sync and create this new folder in Outlook. Perform a Send/Receive up to five times – the original folder error should go away.

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    Unblockable and unallowable domains and addresses

    The following domains should not be in Outlook Junk blocked and safe senders’ lists:

    • hotmail.com
    • mail.hotmail.com
    • yahoo.com
    • gmail.com
    • aol.com
    • msn.com
    • yahoogroups.com
    • groups.msn.com
    • live.com
    • live.jp
    • live.co.uk
    • live.fr
    • live.de
    • live.ca
    • live.com.au
    • live.cn
    • live.it
    • live.com.es
    • live.nl
    • live.se
    • live.co.kr
    • windowslive.com.br
    • live.be
    • live.dk
    • live.co.in
    • live.com.mx
    • live.no
    • windowslive.com.tw
    • hotmail.fr
    • hotmail.it
    • hotmail.de
    • hotmail.co.jp
    • hotmail.co.uk
    • hotmail.com.ar
    • hotmail.co.th
    • hotmail.com.tr

    The following addresses shouldn’t be in the blocked senders list, as well:

    • staff@hotmail.com
    • postmaster@hotmail.com
    • memsvc_ru@msn.com
    • memsvc_be@msn.com
    • memsvc_dk@msn.com
    • memsvc_in@msn.com
    • memsvc_kr@msn.com
    • memsvc_mx@msn.com
    • memsvc_nl@msn.com
    • memsvc_no@msn.com
    • memsvc_se@msn.com
    • memsvc_tw@msn.com
    • memsvc_au@msn.com
    • memsvc_ca_en@msn.com
    • memsvc_ca_fr@msn.com
    • memsvc_fr@msn.com
    • memsvc_de@msn.com
    • memsvc_jp@msn.com
    • memsvc_mx_es@msn.com
    • memsvc_es@msn.com
    • memsvc_uk@msn.com
    • memsvc_us@msn.com
    • memsvc_fi@msn.com
    • memsvc_pt@msn.com
    • memsvc_th@msn.com
    • memsvc_tr@msn.com
    • memsvc_gr@msn.com
    • memsvc_hu@msn.com
    • memsvc_pl@msn.com
    • billing@microsoft.com
    • ppmsvcmg@passport.com
    • preventjunkmail@hotmail.com
    • notifications@groups.msn.com
    • sympatico2@memberservices.sympatico.ca
    • sympatico3@memberservices.sympatico.ca
    • sympatico4@memberservices.sympatico.ca
    • sympatico5@memberservices.sympatico.ca
    • sympatico6@memberservices.sympatico.ca
    • customercare@musicmatch.ca
    • billing@musicmatch.ca
    • customercare@gamesmania.com
    • billing@gamesmania.com
    • contractsmanager@sympatico.ca
    • techassist@sympatico.ca
    • sympaticomemberservices@sympatico.ca
    • assistance@sympatico.ca
    • billing@sympatico.ca
    • abuse@sympatico.ca
    • executivecare@sympatico.ca
    • collections@sympatico.ca
    • cssgroup@sympatico.ca
    • promotions@bell.ca
    • infobellcanada@bell.ca
    • bellbulletins@bell.ca
    • mobillity@bell.ca
    • mobilite@bell.ca
    • sympaticonews@bell.ca
    • listedenvoi@bell.ca
    • online.ontarget@bell.ca
    • tendances.interactives@bell.ca
    • bill.presentment@bell.ca
    • contest@bell.ca
    • concour@bell.ca
    • ecare@bell.ca
    • abonnementplus@ypg.com
    • info@expressvu.com
    • inet5@mobility.com
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    Can’t remember the error code when using Outlook connector?

    Outlook Connector Issue If none of the above solutions will help to solve an Outlook connector issue or you cannot remember the error code or message, it’s recommended to enable logging for the Outlook Hotmail Connector. Simply enable logging for Outlook connector by installing Microsoft Fix it 50400. Note that Outlook connector should display a sync log as your reference when Outlook connector problem occurs.

    Image credit: Screenshots taken by the author.